It’s time…

…for you to enjoy the most satisfying and rewarding life you can.

I am a psychotherapist with a reputation for delivering helpful and effective care in a warm, affirming, and respectful manner.

 I will help you to determine your goals, and we will work together to accomplish them.

 My primary specialties are helping people with:

  •  anxiety, panic, and stress management
  • couples counseling and relationship issues
  • clinical hypnosis for smoking cessation and emotional issues

 My other specialties include substance abuse, adult ADD/ ADHD, sex addiction, and grief.

 I am in-network with most insurance and EAP panels.

 Contact me to start making the changes you want in your life.


(The photograph above is of an ice cave in the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand, and it is used by permission of local photographer Peter Aitken, www.peteraitken.com.)