Quit Smoking

 Become a Non-Smoker Again – It’s Easier Than You Think!

More than 70% of current smokers say they want to quit…But each year only 3-5% quit for a year or longer – or for good

When you become a non-smoker again…

You will feel better, breathe easier, and lose the guilt and worry that come with smoking.

You immediately start to enjoy better health as your body heals itself.

Clinical Hypnosis…

is an easy, safe, natural, and highly effective means for treating a wide range of issues, from anxiety and depression to smoking and pain.

I use a clinically-proven one-session model for the successful cessation of smoking.

For the vast majority of smokers (80%), smoking is a “simple habit,” meaning it is not connected to severe anxiety or other mental health issues. Studies of these smokers show that, one year after treatment with this model, 70% are still non-smokers.

For the minority of smokers whose smoking is tied to other problems, such as stress and anxiety, hypnosis is still effective, but additional sessions are often required.

How Does It Work?

Smoking is not just about putting nicotine into your system. It is a ritual way of relaxing or dealing with stress or boredom. “Urges” to smoke — especially after you have been smoke-free for several days or weeks — are really just memories of smoking, which you do not need to act on. People who return to smoking after they have quit tend to hold on to those ideas of smoking and feed into them.

Consciously, we know we shouldn’t be smoking. But the habit hasn’t caught up with that, because it takes place unconsciously. Often, we automatically reach for a cigarette, without thinking about it. Hypnosis works by communicating to the unconscious mind, and getting it in line with the conscious desire to become a non-smoker again.

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